Zed became an orphan at a very young age left to defend for himself, the lac of food and absence of his mother helped develop high intellectual skills rare for the primate species.

Life in Monkey Island was very harsh, lacking both potable water and good food sources, chimps that lived there rely solely on human caregivers to bring food to the island.

Chaotic surroundings and bullied by bigger chimps, life for a small orphan chimp was not easy.

Longing for isolation and a place to be free to explore other horizons, Zed began to explore the island to find a way out, developing tools to catch fish to eat and shelter to hide from bullies.

Zed special qualities did not go unnoticed a Neuroscientist named Robert, observing the Chimps saw Zed using one of his tools to catch a fish, Robert grew very fond of Zen and adopted him.

One day Robert went to work, to meet one of his good friends who was undergoing a candidacy training program at the Johnson Space Center in Houston,
taking Zed with him, Robert didn't go anywhere without Zed.

Zed showed a lot of interest in all the training equipment, Robert was very good friends with the head of the training program who grew fond of Zed,
allowing Zed to participate in the candidacy training program apart of the human candidates just for fun, astonish by Zed training results, what started as fun and games, Zed stats were outperforming allot of the human candidates.

The Head of the training program showed his supervisors the results of Zed performance, baffled, decided to examine Zed further.

Zed exceeded expectations.

Thrilled by the possibility to save billions of dollars, the administrator of the space program decided to send Zed to trailblaze a secret mission to find out if Mars is suitable for human life.

Zed realizing his dream of complete Isolation, memories of tragic past long gone, Happily recording his exploration on the Red Planet!

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